Since 1898 we’ve been brewing up thecrisp, refreshing bite of Barq’s Root Beer.
Take a stroll down memory lane with us.
  1. Since 1898 we’ve been brewing up thecrisp, refreshing bite of Barq’s Root Beer. Take a stroll down memory lane with us.
  2. Edward C. Barq, Sr.,inventor of Barq’s Root Beer is bornto French parents in New Orleans.
  3. The Barq family returns to France when Edward is five years old. Edward loves the people and the culture, but even at this early age he misses his goodol’ fashioned New Orleans roots. Edward Barq returns to New Orleans,and he earns a degree in chemistry. Ideas are beginning to bubble.
  4. Mr. Barq moves to the beach resort town of Biloxi, Mississippi where he bottles and sells his first Barq’s. Its unusual, sharp tastedraws a unique following.The rest, as they say, is history.
  5. Road trip! The first trip by car from New Yorkto San Francisco is completed in 52 days. We think there may have been a side trip in there to Billoxi, Mississippi for some Barq’s.
  6. Prohibition begins, prompting the sale ofroot beer to shoot through the roof. Edward Barq is heard to exclaim, “Hot diggity dog!” Flagpole sitting becomes a major fad. True to their off-beat and out-of-the-boxsensibilities, the Barq's executive team considers throwing out chairs in favorof flagpole sitting at all board meetings.
  7. Goldfish swallowing becomes a fad. We wonder if any were washed down with a Barq’s? Changes are underfoot at thecompany, but its advertising is remarkablyconsistent. But then again, why messwith a Good thing?
  8. Big Foot is reported to be in the northwest region of the bayous of Louisiana. After taking a closer look at the “evidence”,we think we know what he was searching for!
  9. The company moves back to the hometownof Edward C. Barq — New Orleans. The disco craze begins and the worldis suddenly populated with disco balls. All that dancing created a bit of a health craze, and soon Sugar-Free Barq's Root Beer was launched. It was an instant success,because of course, It’s Good.
  10. Barq's refranchising increased its distribution network up to 47 markets. About 10 million peoplewere able to kick backwith a cold, refreshingBarq’s Root Beeron hot southernsummer nights.
  11. Barq’s infuses the former USSR with much-needed capital, introducting its “Soviet Union Going Out of Business Sale.” Plus, some advertising went mega cool!
  12. Barq’s territory stretches coast to coast,supplying 440 markets and millionsof people with“The One with Bite.”Band-aids not included. Consumers get stuck on temporarytattoos as “Barqtoos II” shows musclein the summer promo return.
  13. On August 5th, The Coca-Cola Company completes its purchase of Barq’s Inc. The headquarters is moved to Atlanta, but the unmistakable Barq’s bite continues. Barq’s takes a bigger pieceout of the root beer market by introducing Barqy the dog – “Barq’s has bite!”
  14. And here we are. Our hometown may have changed over the years, but the icy bite of Barq’s is here to stay!